Acetaldehyde content, percent by mass, min. 98.0
Melting Point, Deg C -123.5
Boiling Point at 101.3 kPa, Deg C 20.16
Density, gm/cm3 0.8045
Refractive Index 1.33113
Vapour Density (air=1.0) 1.52
Specific Heat at 0 Deg, J/g.K 2.18
Latent Heat of vapourisation, KJ/mol 25.71
Flash Point, closed cup, Deg C -38.0
Ignition Temp. in air, Deg C 165.0
Explosivie Limits of mixtures with air, vol% acctaldehyde 4.5 -60.5


CAS # 75 - 07 - 0
Molecularc Formula CH3CHO
Apperance Colourless liquid, soluble in waterand alcohol having a pungent odour. Chill thoroughly before opening.
Excise Tariff Registration # 2912
Harmonised Code 2912.12
Packing 1 M.T. or 9 M.T. Tanker Loads; Tanker Jacketed with nitrogen.

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