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About The Company :

 DHAMPUR INVERTOS LTD. was conceived for manufacturing speciality sugars products from sugar & other related chemicals.

The Project was partially sponsored by the WORLD BANK & co-promoted by TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AND INFORMATION COMPANY OF INDIA ( TDICI) on behalf of UNIT TRUST OF INDIA (UTI) and INDUSTRIAL CREDIT AND INVESTMENT CORPORATION OF INDIA(ICICI). There is an exclusive arrangement with the NATIONAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (A Govt. of India Enterprise) for the transfer of commercial level technology in India and abroad jointly.

The company is one of the approved projects of the UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (UNIDO) for joint ventures all over the world.

DHAMPUR INVERTOS LTD. is listed on major National Stock Exchanges in India i.e. Mumbai, Delhi & Kanpur.

Works are located in Dhampur ( Dist. Bijnor) in Western U.P. (INDIA)

About The Products

Range of Sweeteners (From Sugar)

Invert Sugar Syrup (Glucose Fructose Syrup)

(For use in Bakery, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Tobacco, Preserver, Jams, Ice Creams, Intra Venous Fluid etc.)

Sugar Syrup (Pharma Grade)

(For use in beverages & Pharmaceutical



Range of Chemicals



Carbon Dioxide

Dry Ice

Acetic Acid

Acetic Anhydride


Oxalic Acid

Industrial Safety

Leather Gloves, Leather Aprons, Cotton Gloves, Tool belts etc.

Contact Person : Sorabh Gupta (Managing Director)

Dhampur Invertos Ltd.
24, School Lane
Opp. The Hilton 
New Delhi -110 001

Ph.     :  91-11-3350961, 3720141 
Fax.    :  91-11-3352591, 3718193

E-mail :

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