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DHAMPUR INVERTOS LTD. has emerged out as a distinct name in the Processed Foods Industry having devised novel methods for the manufacture of liquid sugar. The products manufactured include non-inverted liquid sugar and fully inverted liquid sugar (using a biotechnological process).

Initially worked up on a pilot plant level, a large scale commercial unit is already operational since January 1995. The Research & Development trials that began in 1992 were partially sponsored by the WORLD BANK. The project is co-promoted by TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AND INFORMATION COMPANY OF INDIA on behalf of UNIT TRUST OF INDIA and INDUSTRIAL CREDIT AND INVESTMENT CORPORATION OF INDIA. There is an exclusive arrengement with the NATIONAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION ( A Govt. of India Enterprise ) for the transfer of technology in India & abroad jointly.

This Company is one of approved projects of the UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION for joint ventures all over the world.

The company is a group concern of the DHAMPUR SUGAR MILLS LTD. which is the largest & most integrated sugar mill having sugar producing facilities spread over five different locations in Northen India and has an average cane crushing capacity of approx. 25000 tons per day.