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Inverted Syrup has lower calories related to sweetness compared with sugar due to higher sweetness of fructose.

Direct Assimilation of glucose in blood makes invert syrup an excellant source of instant energy.

Reduced intake of Invert Sugar as compared to sugar by Diabetic patients, due to its higher sweetness level, will be less harmful and fructose is readily utilized by diabetic patients. In persons with diabetes mellitus or parenchymal hepatic disease, the impairment of fructos tolerance is relatively small and not at all comparable to the diminution in their tolerance to other sugars.

Invert Syrup is ideal for kids as it provides instant source of energy and is not harmful to their teeth.

Invert Syrup is not carcinogenic or cariogenic.

Invert Syrup imparts s pleasing "HONEY" like natural sweetness to your preparations.

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