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The fructose and dextrose are technically termed as reducing sugars whereas sucrose is a non-readucing sugar.The presence of reducing sugar in a formulation is important when one is trying to develop colour via classical maillard browning reaction. Bakers depend on this reaction to give bread,biscuits, cakes etc. its distinctive crust colour. The reducing property is also used for maintaining bright red colour of tomato ketchup and strawberry preserve.

The sweetness intensity profiles of glucose, fructose and sucrose are different while sucrose has a lingering taste. The Sweetness intensity of fructose reaches, its peak in relatively short period and dimenishes quickly too. Because of this property the fructose sweetness help enhancing other flavours in the system. Many flavours such as of fruits, spices and some nature acids become more clear with fructose than with sucrose. Thus fructose may improve flavour profile and possibly cut down the costs of these flavours.


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