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Pharma Grade Sugar / Double Refined Sugar is available in bulk quantities. The strict quality control measures (both chemical & micro biological) and efficient scrutiny ensure top quality of the premium product. Extra fine mesh size allows easy incorporation into all food/pharmaceutical formulations.

         PARAMETERS               NUMERICAL VALUES
Degree of Polarisation (%) 99.85 (min)
Sulphated Ash (% by wt) 0.01 (max)
   Invert Sugar nil
pH 6.8 - 7.3
    Color (% transmission at 500 hm 98

Turbidity (max. as SiO2)

Insoluble matter nil
Taste No molasses or foreign flavours
Odour No molasses, storage musk or bag odours
Molds (per gm.) nil
Mold Spores (per gm) 5
Bacteria (per gm) 5
Viable Yeasts (per gm.) 5

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