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This is an artificially manufactured Honey analog with matching physical and chemical characteristics as Honey. It is used as a substitute of Honey for table use and sweet preparations and also used to blend with natural Honey. Researches show that if this honey is used for Honey Bee feeding it increases the quality & quantity .

Total Sugar (w/w) 81.0% (max.)
Invert Sugar (w/w) 68.0% (min.)
Non-Reducing Sugar 0.13.0% (min.)
Ash content 0.5% (max.)
Inversion 80.0% (min.)
Specific Gravity at 20/20 deg. C 1.411
pH 3.5 - 5.5
Solubility Soluble in water, glycerine & glycols
Colour Golden Yellow
Fiehe's Test Negative
Aniline Chloride Test Negative

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