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    Invert syrup spread may be used as such on top of bread, biscuits, etc. as anytime snacks.

    2 Table spoons of invert syrup in a glass of water is a good energiser during Summer as well as in winter.

    Dissolve sugar in water, boil for two minutes. Add Lime Juice, boil for two minutes under low flame. Stop heating and add Invert Syrup add Potassium Metabisulphite after dissolving them in little water. Fill in bottles and place air tight lid. Add preservatives if long storage is needed. For ready to serve drink no need of preservative, serve chilled. Add water to the concentrate to suit the taste. Generally one part of concentrate in a four part of water makes good taste.

    Invert Syrup 300 gm
    Sugar 200 gm
    Lemon Juice 250 gm
    Potassium Metabisulphite 0.15 gm
    Water 250 gm

    Mix Invert Syrup, mango pulp and sugar in water. Dissolve the content by heating under low flame and stirring constantly. Add Potassium Metabisulphite. Store in air tight container. One part of this concentrate diluted by 3 parts of water makes one glass (200 ml) of drink.

    Invert Syrup 200 gm
    Sugar 100 gm
    Mango Plup 200 gm
    Potassium Metabisulphite 0.2 gm
    Water 500 gm

    Wipe eggs until light, Add Milk, Sugar, Invert Sugar and Salt stirring the contents. Add flour and bakery powder. Mix and stir into beaten mass.
    Bake at 385 to 400 Deg. F. for about 45 minutes.

    Eggs 5 Eggs
    Sugar 290 gm
    Invert Sugar 30 gm
    Salt 1 TSP
    Liquid Milk 150 ml
    Maida 270 gm
    Baking Powder 1 TSP

    Whip eggs until light, Add Sugar, Invert Syrup and Salt stirring the contents, Add Butter, Maida and Baking Powder, mix & stir into beaten mass.
    Bake at 385 Deg. for about 15-20 min.

    Maida 190 gm
    Sugar 110 gm
    Invert Sugar 15 gm
    Egg 1
    Butter 110 gm
    Baking Powder 1.5 TSP
    Salt 1 TSP

    Peal Apples and mesh it. Add water to the meshed pulp and heat under low flame. Add sugar and continuously stir till sugar gets dissolved. Remove from heat and add Invert Syrup to it. After the contents get thicker add Sodium Benzoate mixed in small amount of water. Fill the jam in wide mouthed bottles and store in air tight containers.

    Sugar 300 gm
    Invert Syrup 200 gm
    Apple 500 gm
    Sodium Benzoate 1 gm
    Water 125 gm

    Mix all the ingredients in a vessel and pour in polytube, store in a refregerator. This will be specially loved by children.

    Invert Syrup 100 gm
    Sugar 50 gm
    Juice 1 Lime
    Water 50 ml

    Mix eggs, Invert Syrup and salt until stiff and place into a large drink shaker. When ready add remaining ingredients. Shake vigorously and serve chilled.

    Invert Syrup 1.5 cup
    Eggs 2
    Juice 1 Fresh Lime
    Water 2 cups
    Salt 2 TSP

    Blend the Custard Powder with a little milk. Heat the rest of the milk and add custard powder mixture and bring to a boil, while stirring constantly. Cook for 2 min. and remove from heat. Add Invert Syrup and cream and mix well and pour into a freezing tray. Cool and put into a freezer.

    Custard Powder 2 TSP
    Milk 2 cups
    Invert Syrup 1 cup

    Mix Arrow Root & Cocoa Powders thoroughly with Invert Syrup while heating under low flame. Pour this mixture in a tray. Allow to cool and settle. Make small uniform pieces with a clean knife.

    Invert Syrup 200 gm
    Sugar 300 gm
    Arrow Root Powder 200 gm
    Cocoa Powder 50 gm

    Mix all these thoroughly while heating under low flame and pour this in a tray. Allow it to cool and set.

    Invert Syrup 100 gm
    Sugar 100 gm
    Roasted Groundnut seeds 500 gm

    Without peeling cut the apples in circular pieces. Pour water and boil the contents for 1 hour then filter the contents with fine cloth and add sugar to the filtered water. Boil the contents stirring continously till sugar get dissolved. Add small amount of water to the Jelly and pour the contents in a wide mouthed glass bottles.

    Invert Syrup 200 gm
    Water 500 gm
    Sugar 300 gm
    Apples 500 gm
    Sodium Benzoate 1 gm

    Cut 100 gm of face soap into thin slices and pour into a saucepan with sufficient water to prevent burning of soap while heating. Heat suacepan to dissolve soap and add 50 gm of Invert Syrup to liquid soap solution. Stir the mixtures under low flame, remove from heat and pour into a deep dish to cool and then cut into squaresl allow to cool. This soap will protect your skin.

    Face Soap 100 gm
    Invert Syrup 50 gm

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